Breaking up is not the best solution
when there’s a simple problem that
can be fixed. A lot of couples break
up for a lame excuse. it takes
compromise and communication to
fix it.
Remember: a solution for headache
is not cutting your head off. If you
really love a person, you wouldn’t
give up easily.
Nobody said life was easy, you have
to be patient.
Understand one another and be
committed. All relationships
encounter problems. it just all
depends if you are strong enough to
get through them.

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I need you.

You told me you’re gonna be there when I need someone to talk to.

You told me you’re gonna be there to help me.

You told me to believe in myself as much as you believe in me.

You told me I should trust myself.

I’m trying my very best to do all of these….

BUT. Why now? I do need you. I need someone to talk to.

I need someone to complain my worries. Why can’t you be here to listen to me?

All I need from you is just a second and a hug.


How Lucky Are You?

How can those parents let their children stroll along the streets at this hour? In any minute, they might be injured or worst, they’ll die because of raging wheels.

 After shopping at Centro, we grabbed our floats at McDo and sat at the pavements across Lucky 99 (if I’m not mistaken =)) Then suddenly a group of street children approached us and started saying “Ate, akin nalang yan.” At first we refused (anobehhh, katutusok lang namin ng straw, sayang! haha :D) A minute passed and they started nagging us again. Without a word, I gave mine to the boy who asked it, Cath also gave hers but Ate Bianca refused, not because she doesn’t want but because she was pissed on how those children grabbed her cup and forced her to let go. Then after they finished the drink, they rudely spilled the ice and threw the cup almost infront of us. Natawa at napailing nalang kami sa inasal nung mga bata. Yung tipong sila na lang yung nanghihingi, sisigawan at pipilitin ka pa. I mean, nakakaawa talaga yung kalagayan nila but there is no room for us to pity them with that kind of attitude they showed. Naisip tuloy namin, nasaan kaya ang mga magulang nila at bakit sila pinababayaan ng ganun. They don’t look like beggars eh, madudungis lang talaga.Then yun, after they got what they want, nagsitakbuhan na naman, not minding the fast wheels and they even have the guts na maglambitin. We don’t know if they’re just playing or they really don’t mind being hit at all! Tsk!

Only one thought striked me : SOBRANG SWERTE KO :)

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